The 2009 HEU shipment from Libya detailed

The Atlantic magazine describes details of a previously unannounced shipment of highly enriched uranium from Libya to Russia in December 2009. The shipment reportedly contained 5.2 kg of HEU in spent fuel of a research reactor at Tajoura Research Center near Tripoli. According to the Atlantic report, seven casks that contained HEU were scheduled to be transported to Russia by plane on November 21, 2009. However, Libya delayed the shipment at the last moment and the casks were allowed to leave Libya only on December 21, 2009.

The HEU fuel removed from Libya in 2009 appears to be spent fuel of the IRT-1 research reactor, supplied by the Soviet Union. Fresh HEU fuel of this reactor was shipped to NIIAR in Russia in March 2004. That shipment contained 17 kg of HEU (one report gives the amount of uranium-235 as 13209.30 grams in 16465.29 grams of uranium, contained in 88 fuel assemblies). In July 2006, NNSA announced removal of additional 3 kg of HEU. NNSA also helped Libya to convert to LEU the IRT critical assembly (in January 2006) and the IRT-1 research reactor (in October 2006).